About Me


Welcome to my retreat and rec room for random thoughts…

Here’s where ideas and subjects (either close to my heart or otherwise) crystallize and come together.  This is a wonderful place for me to rest my thoughts, layer upon layer sometimes… When I have an idea or subject that strikes my fancy it involves some sort of, dare I say… research… and hence, it evolves. 

I know, to a majority of the population this might seem a bit crazy.  Yes, but a little crazy never killed anybody and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; since I enjoy learning new things and knowledge is power… well, you get the picture.  ;o)

I am an artist, singer, music lover and comedian at heart.  I listen to mostly film/game scores with a variety of other genres sprinkled in for good taste.  Daft Punk and Bent are two musical groups whose tremendous talent, quirky energy and great sense of humor always bring me back! 

Jim Gaffigan has me in stitches and Jeff Foxworthy has me bowling, knocking down those pins with the little red necks on them.  I thrive on creativity, love to make people laugh and actually enjoy exercising.  Hey, everything works better when it’s well oiled.

If you’d like, give me a shout at veiledsongbird@gmail.com.  Then head over to my art show – veiledsongbird.wordpress.com – for some crisp, creative designs ranging from advertising to cool logos, posters and illustrations… and who knows what other goodies!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mom / Paula says:

    I Love this – it’s YOU – and I Love You, after all I’m your Mother – Ha!! Your way of writing is so delicious! 🙂 Keep going, Sweetie, each day is a new opportunity for expression. XO

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