Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, composed by Elliot Goldenthal, is one of those film scores that truly is a diamond in the rough.  It deserves to be recognized and lauded for the masterwork that it is.  Any imperfections the film has are effortlessly surpassed by the score’s underlying power and radiance.  It is also the only movie DVD I’ve seen featuring an exclusive full-length movie commentary by the film’s composer. Only the film’s music and composer’s commentary can be heard during this special feature.  If you know of any other movies that include composer commentaries, documentaries, featurettes, etc., I would absolutely love to hear about them!

Elliot Goldenthal’s detailed analysis and perspectives on his approach, composition, instrumentation and themes are incredibly insightful and enlightening and make watching the entire film again a thrilling experience! It has also had a huge impact on my overall fondness for the film.

I’m also drawn to ensemble casts. It’s difficult enough to create several characters with enough depth and individuality for audiences to care about, it’s even harder when the characters are 3D animated. Music plays many roles in film and in animated movies they truly Regardless, Aki and Gray’s revealed relationship and rekindling bond throughout the film is endearing. During the final scenes of the movie I can’t help but cry my eyes out…and I know for a fact that it is the music that makes me melt everytime.

The videos at the bottom include “Adagio And Transfiguration,” the exquisite culmination of themes from the movie, “The Dream Within,” performed by Lara Fabian and the movie trailer.  “The Dream Within” is a marvelous song, also composed by Elliot Goldenthal, with touching lyrics by Richard Rudolph.

“Adagio And Transfiguration” has a delicate, raw brilliance. In its humble beginnings, the flute slowly churns into strings and woodwinds. They gradually strengthen and unravel, giving birth to a behemoth of brass horns.  Their raw power spirals toward Heaven and hovers there in a single sliver of blue light.  Its omnipotence graces every emotion and every spirit, before gently releasing its power, allowing each spirit to softly fall and find their way back to the earth.

Close your eyes and enjoy… “Adagio And Transfiguration”

“The Dream Within,” end song performed by the lovely Lara Fabian.

Now, watch the movie trailer…


The Amazing Film Score of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within