Must Haves

Random Generators You Can Actually Use

Connecting with randomness.

I accidentally stumbled upon the Ad Generator awhile back and have been mesmerized with random generators ever since.  As part of a thesis project created by Alexis Lloyd, the Ad Generator creates fake advertisements by mixing and matching real life slogans with arbitrary images.  The project is an exploration in how new meaning is derived from blending various images and words.  Some of the results are astounding and downright inspirational in their adventitiousness.  


The Ad Generator encourages you to

forge new connections between

random imagery and words.

And I think it goes much deeper.  It is the underlining concept of connection that prompted me to start searching for more random generators.  People need to connect: with other people, the music we listen to, what we read, where we live, our personal belongings, etc.  We need to connect with things and for those things to have meaning. We are social beings at heart and therefore need to connect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Where communication is the cornerstone of relationships, connection is the core of our humanity.

But you know, sometimes we just need a break, too.  Random generators reset your brain.  It’s like taking it back to square one when you’ve gone too far and everything’s a jumbled mess.  You don’t have any control over the outcome and let’s face it, you don’t want any.  No, you simply want to see something new, something fresh, perhaps something completely whacked that takes you out of yourself and how you think and throws you into something completely different.



Here are 13 Random Generators to inspire, surprise

and just plain let you frolic in fortuitous fun!

  1. Seventh Sanctum – You name it.  They’ve got it.
  2. Story Starters: Powerful Sentences – Start your story off with a bang!
  3. Random Story Generator
  4. Random H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator – What can I say…the weirder the better.
  5. Let’s put your character in a sticky situation.
  6. Creativity Tools – Random Word, Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph
  7. Random Phrase – Don’t worry, this is not a partial repeat of #5.
  8. Random Plot Generator – This is definitely one of my favorites. Often just plain hilarious!
  9. The Amazing Fact Generator
  10. The Random Surrealism Generator
  11. Idea Generator
  12. Ad Generator – This totally changes the way you look at things — truly Amazing!
  13. Random Word Generator – Cross your eyes.  Twist your tongue.
  14. The Advertising Slogan Generator

NOTE:  When you get to any of these pages, hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page for endless possibilities.

Not sure which one to choose.  Close your eyes and click one.

Sometimes it’s nice to not know where you’re going.


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