The Dark Knight: It’s All Part of the “Marketing” Plan

You bet it does a body good. 

The DC Comics/Warner Bros. box office bohemoth is both a cinematic masterpiece and marketing marvel.  With legions of poster designs, websites, t-shirts, collectible action figures, rallies and yes, even baked goods with cellphone filled centers, The Dark Knight has managed to creep its way into every nook and cranny of the American psyche.

I’ve seen The Dark Knight more times than I should probably admit, have five posters from the film hanging on my walls, and the soundtrack is playing on my computer as I write this post. I know, I’ve caught the TDK bug and it’s not going away any time soon.

Here are the five things I find most stellar about The Dark Knight.

1. Movie Poster Designs

The Dark Knight movie poster designs are some of the best I have ever seen. We can thank the following companies for some of the poster designs created for the film.

Here are some Dark Knight posters I feel are especially strong.

These are instant classics.

My absolute favorite.  It's as if he's looking at you through a tiny opening.  Heavy stuff.

I purchased a version of this one from MovieGoods. I was not able to locate a version of this poster anywhere else that was new and in the size I wanted. Their selection of posters is outstanding and they simply have the best customer service anywhere! Don’t worry, I’m not part of any affiliate program, they’re just really great and I want to share. The poster I received was actually a little dark, so I asked if I could get a replacement. They not only sent me another poster, but let me keep the first poster I received. I couldn’t believe it. That’s above and beyond the call of customer service! So check out MovieGoods for the best poster design selections and service.

"Would you like to know why I use a knife?"

2. Acting Performance/Script



The Dark Knight

Without a doubt Heath Ledger poured every ounce of himself into The Joker and left audience’s around the world thirsting for more.

I didn’t want to blink for fear I’d miss something spectacular. An absolutely mesmerizing performance that is most inspiring! I loved Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman as always, but it was Heath who truly stole the show. Mourned by millions and marveled by all, Heath Ledger was an amazing human being on and off the screen. His performance has also inspired numerous imitations and spoofs. Check out YouTube for this really great rendition of The Joker.

The script for The Dark Knight is a gem that is as delightful to read as it is to watch come alive on the screen.

With a great script to begin with, Heath Ledger was able to immortalize more lines than anyone could have imagined. Lines like, “Why so serious” and “It’s all part of the plan” have already become a part of our subconscious. Make sure to download a copy of this amazing piece of writing over at and sit back and enjoy the read!

3. Film Score


James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer join forces again to create the score for The Dark Knight and as The Joker would say, “And you didn’t disappoint.” It’s a thrill ride from the get go with its pulsing synth chords and uplifting, powerful and unforgettable themes. It gets right under your skin and doesn’t let go. I highly recommend this soundtrack. Buyers beware, it is addictive. ;o)

4. Collectible Action Figures

Where do I begin… these figures are simply out of this world! Hot Toys is the maker of these incredible collectibles and one of these guys goes for about $175.00. No wonder The Joker robbed a bank at the beginning of the movie…

Check out these links to feast your eyes on more great images of The Joker and Batman figure collections.

5. Fan Art

Jim Hance is a fantastic artist! Check out his website.  Have you ever seen a Stormtrooper in a dress? You’ll have to see it for yourself!

Eli Rutten is another awesome artist! You can check out more of his artwork on his Flickr page.

I found this poster made by robotlick over at and it absolutely cracks me up!


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